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What happens if there are too many people for a daily or weekly walk?
We attempt to arrange for an additional guide and split the party. If we are unable to do this we may have to request volunteers to transfer to another day, although this is very rare.

I am in a wheelchair - is that OK?
So long as you are able to keep up with the rest of the party that will be no problem (we don’t move at too fast a pace!). Unfortunately, however, the guide will not be able to assist you.

What happens in bad weather?
That depends on how bad the weather is and how brave we are all feeling! We will try to adjust our route to minimise the impact, but in extreme cases, may have to cancel the walk.

What if I'd rather just walk around on my own?
No problem. A 50p leaflet to help you can be obtained  from ‘Off the Wall’ in St. Peter's Street and also from the Rural Concierge/Tourist Information Centre in the Butter Market. You will, of course, see more interesting locations and learn more about Hereford’s history on one of our guided walks.

Do the walks include the Cathedral?
Our guides include the history and exterior of the Cathedral to varying extents. We do  not, however, include the interior. There is a Cathedral tour available - please see the notice board outside the entrance or enquire at the desk inside.

Can you suggest where I should stay while visiting Hereford?
Take a look at our links page here

Why is there a charge when the guides are volunteers?
We have advertising and administrative costs and pay for insurance. The charge per head goes towards meeting these costs.

Do you allow dogs on your walks?
We regret that we can only allow assistance dogs on our walks.